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Dire Destiny
I posted this here , rather than the General Discussion due to the amount of Spam it gets.
While this is possibly more a DnD style of fantasy ,
i quite like the characters and the setting ,
if only for the Norse-style background in religion.
The NPCs often react poorly to strangers or "Adventurers".
It may be helpful for Campaign ideas or scenarios.

'Nother webcomic to my reading list... As the Sluggites would say : Nifty!

[size=200][color=violet]Worship the Comic![/size]

Amazing example of what a Tytalus warlock and a merinita shide herbam specialist can look like. I like the fact that they are not plain characters, but quite a few flaws can look like and shape a character (compulsion to drink, necessary conditions of singing and using his arm, ways of the woods, disfigured arm, enemies, social contacts, .... ).

I specially liked the gauntlet talisman with +2 to cause damage :wink:

Cool! :smiley:

Pitty it is so short.



As both the guys have newish babies in their respective households ,
i won't be expecting a radical increase in updates , unfortunately.