Dire name

The name you mustn't say is a common theme in many stories. I don't own every Ars Magica books, so i don't know if there is already something about this.
Anyway here is my shot :

Dire name (minor supernatural virtue)
You get an arcane connection to anyone saying your name outloud, this arcan connection last only for a few minutes.
You also get a score of 1 in the supernatural ability Dire name.

Dire name (Supernatural ability)
When someone say your name you make a Perception + Dire name against an ease factor depending of the distance between you and the speaker to notice it. This capacity must penetrate magic resistance.

A few miles - 6
Same country - 9
Another country - 12
Another continent - 15
Another Realm - 18

If your name is only wispered the ease factor is increased by +3, if it is shouted the ease factor is decreased by -3.

Now thats interesting, hadnt thought of it...

Sounds fine. The perception values are too low IMO, but appart from that it looks fine and cool. :slight_smile:

Consider the potential of it as a flaw: reduced resitance to someone using your name against you. You could even have both at once :slight_smile:


I'll chime in with Xavi here. I think your difficulties are a little low, but other than that, it's a lovely idea. Very mythic in feel, and there's a lot which can be done with it.

I can imagine a lineage with such an ability also having ranges and durations which work along side it, for instance. Duration:Name, which lasts as long as your name is clearly inscribed upon something - a little like circle duration, but impossible to hide your identity - something a magus of this type might not want to do.

One can already use names as sympathetic connections I think this one would certainly qualify, I think that we might be fine without adding a flaw.

Great idea :smiley:

Wow, I am impressed.
What a cool idea for a NPC but also for PCs.

Thanks for that!


I am happy to see that people like this idea :wink:
I plan on using it for a really old Infernal Magus of my saga.

Just added :

If your name is only wispered the ease factor is increased by +3, if it is shouted the ease factor is decreased by -3.

I see old gods having this power. Especialy one's who's name is a battle cry. Could explain alot.

"I curse you Oden!" Zap.