Discerning Warping

Are their any spells in RAW designed to measure warping? Either detecting a target's Warping Score or determining how many Warping points a target has accumulated.

Personally, I would say there should not be. I feel like Warping Points and Warping Score are a simulation tool to represent something real and that real thing probably isn't seen well mathematically. Using another system as an example, how would you measure a real person's "hit points"? Sure, we know some persons are tougher than others, but that doesn't mean the number applied to it really fits reality perfectly.

So how would I measure it in-game in some sense? Look at Virtues, Flaws, etc. gained from Warping/Twilight. Look at how long a magus spends stuck in Twilight. You'll at least get a rough comparison of which persons/things have been Warped more or less than other persons/things.


I'm don't remember any such spells. I do think it's a good idea for a spell, however. I'd suggest using guidelines to detect Might of any level; which is a rather difficult guideline - the reasoning being that high Warping is sort-of like having a very low Might score, in that it associates you with one Realm (usually).

I toyed with the idea of allowing Criamon to discern Warping by using Enigmatic Wisdom, once. I believe that Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults allows them to do something similar for Criamon magi already.

Didn't RoP: M have a few words about that can't be done?
In the bit about transforming animals?
Or is my memory playng tricks on me? - Mercere's Parma