discribing myself as a wizard


A clever Criamon holding up a warped mirror to his Sodales as to show them the folly of their own beeing?

I like the idea.

So, short attention span, incomprehensible and cannot use grammar (new flaw). Disgfigured might be appropiate depending on the acne severity. The -3 communication is not appropiate since Abe rants a lot: a +1 com coupled with incomprehensible seems more like it.

That sounds more like Abe to me, yes.



LMAO :laughing: - what a prudent and shrewd observation Fruny! Yet the Oracle seems to have appeared to the world there to begin with, and this site being titanic (Atlas) remnants of the old world might have survived (or yet to live?)...

lol!!! :laughing: Certainly is!

The Oracle did have that, but somehow people who had visited him in the hundreds stopped seeking the Oracle's answers there... :wink:

The Communication Score is not about quantity, but only quality, so ranting is easily possible with even the lowest score in Communication...

True. I stand corrected :slight_smile: Incomprehensible (sp?) still stands, though.



ok now that I have descibed myself as a wizard how would you fine people describe yourselves as wizards?

You forgot to put bravery down as a virtue.
The idea of undergoing the same kind of scrutiny the you just put yourself through is terrifying to me but I was willing to be on the judgmental side of the issue... and it was my suggestion in the first place. In the light of not being hypocritical, I will think about it and post it here when I've got it.

And "Forgiving"- +4 at least.

Ahwell... I'll be first out then I suppose.

Age 33, Size 0, Decrepitude 1 (Ulcer)

Str +2 (Lots of heavy lifting in my job) Sta -1 (Same job IS bad for the health)
Dex -1 (Shattered an ankle a few years ago) Qui +1 (Still got reflexes)
Int +2 (Managed to finish Uni-Education), Per -1 (Corrected to 0 with glasses)
Com +1 Pre +1

Large ( 180Cm and 115 kg... Just under 6' and 276 pounds)
Combatant (Obligator military service)
Rich (Incredible living standards compared to the age. :wink: )

Bad leg (Aforementioned shattered ankle)
Duty (Works as a nurse)
Obsession (Roleplaying games)
Deficent Skill - Economy (Work like crazy, NEVER any money)
Jinx (For some reason people around me suffer bad luck.. a LOT)

Artes Liberales 5 (Broad basic Education)
Philosophy 4 ( Uni-level after all. :wink: I did pass the course)
Medicine 4 (This is what I do for a living)
Tactics 3 (Major interest, reading all I can get)
Firearms 3 (Military basic training, Hunting and Airsoft)
Leadership 2 (Usually get my way)
Magic Theory 4, 14xp (Keeping up to date on Arm since V3, reading the boards)
Craft : Carpentry 3 (I live in a house which I have mostly renovated myself)
Driving 3 (70 km / day ... 45 Miles / day, good exposure XP)
Electronics 2 (Hobby skill.)
Mechanics 1 (I know what to check when the car breaks down)
Computers 4 (Used to work MS, build my own computers)
History 3 (Love history)
Melee 1 (Used to be higher when I was still fencing...)
Brawl 2 (Still do the ocasional Kata)
Art - Paint 2 (Mostly miniatures... It is very calming)
Art - Write 4 (Won some small competitions in this... Nothing big though)

Personality Traits
Lazy -3
Compassionate 4
Cruel 1
Forgiving 1

Okay, here ya go. Enjoy!

int: +1 (I have a bachelors degree, but its from an art school)
per: 0
str: 0
sta: +1
pre: 0
com: +1
dex: +3
quik: +1

size: -1 (smaller than average)

deft artist (Or atleast I hope so. Some people want me to come to their school in Denmark and teach. I don't want to disappoint them!)
weather sense (REALLY helps with my pilot ability!)
prosperous peasant (They're calling it middle class these days.)

small frame
expenses ( I live in Los Angeles. Everything's expensive.)
hatred (mustard! I hate it!!)
minor personality flaw- I answer Abe's posts

magic theory 2 (I have only been at this for a couple months. I have SO much more to learn!)
Artes Liberales 5
English 5
Spanish 2
educated 4 (bachelor of fine arts)
scribe 4
play instrument 1 (guitar)
artist 5 (cartoons)
athletics 3 (gymnast)
pilot 2(single engine, land)

The 100 Dollar Hamburger
Re Te lvl:30
r:touch d:con t:ind
Au requisite
Hurdles a large aluminum tube as much as 10,000 feet into the air for a maximum of 4 hours and brings it back to the earth safely.

The Curse of the Somalier
Pe Aq lvl:15
r:touch d:sun t:ind
During game play I can make half a bottle of wine totally disappear.

The Duration: Sun is a nice touch...


Now you'll disappoint me if you don't come to Denmark :smiley:

Abe, perhaps you should consider assigning yourself the "tainted with evil" flaw, since you seem to draw such a negative reaction out of people. Or perhaps "Blatant Gift." Something about your presence certainly makes all social rolls at least a -3.

Hell, during our games a full case of beer would usually disappear- but some variation of Wizard's Communion was clearly involved.

PerdoBrewum! :wink:

I know I would need the Virtue Large and maybe Affinity with Trivia.
WooHoo, I'm a journeyman (100th post)!

bliant gift makes sense except it is not noticable to animals(cats don't run from my presence)
affinity with trivia sounds good for me as well.