Disenchant as a Ritual?


Disenchant is listed as a ritual. I can see that for suggesting it takes a long time to cast. I am unsure why I need to devote vis to the spell when most other PeVi spells do not.

Any insights?


The guideline is a ritual, it just wasn't listed until later. Take a look in HoH:TL (Guernicas section) or the guidelines pdf. There is a more general guideline and a very specific guideline, both of which are rituals.

I think the point is to dispel things that consumed vis to make (enchanted items) you need to spend vis.

I agree. It would be a terrible disincentive to enchant anything if someone could destroy it with a simple formulaic spell.

Ok. That makes sense. I was ok with the rule; I just wanted to get a sound rationale in my head.


What about suppressing it? Is disenchanting is like Healing (returning a devise to its natural state), can you suppress an effect using PeVi(Form) just as healing offers a way to make non-ritual heal effects that wear off after the Duration of the spell?

I thought there were some guidelines for that regarding the "Witches form Revealed" or something similar...?

Heathen Witch Reborn from GotF forces shapechanged creatures back to their original state, depending on the level of the relevant shapechanging skill involved, but does not keep them from shapechanging in the future.

Paralysis of the Gift from Hermetic Projects reduces the target's casting totals temporarily, you could probably design something similar designed to temporarily reduce the penetration levels of enchanted items - I'd keep actually stopping their effects the domain of Disenchant.

What you seem to be really looking for is an item-based variant of Suppressing the Wizard's Handiwork, which is a ReVi effect that can only target 'currently active' - read, duration-based - effects. It's also noted as targeting one's own magic, so you'd probably need to do some kind of experimentation to make one work that targeted the magic of others.

I assume, as with other effects, you need to be able to detect the target to suppress it. However, I can see you making a variant of this spell designed to temporarily disable the trigger conditions of enchanted magical traps. Of course, you'd want to be very careful about making sure you knew what you were suppressing, so you'll likely need high-grade InVi magic as well. Truly well-guarded places might have failsafe mechanisms, and you don't want to accidentally dispel the ward that keeps the room from flooding with lava or whatever.