disguise of the transformed image

Does this spell affect the caster's clothes? What about stuff that the caster is holding such as a weapon?

Based on my interpretation of the Imaginem guidelines, I would say that this spell affects all aspects of the target's image.

One "individual" of Imagonem has nothing to do with Corpus. It's the rough equivalent of an adult human - and that includes clothing & simple equipment.

good to hear, thanks.

btw: the spell is not optimized! If you want to disguise, why only part of your body?
Costs an additional magnitude and is less useful.

(@ JM - Agreed. It's a legacy spell, from when Part was smaller than Individual. Go with it.)


No prob.

Note that this is both good and bad news.

If you wanted to whip up an illusion of a standard door, that's technically bigger than "individual" - most doors, two humans could stand in front of and not cover, or close to. If you wanted an illusion of a horse, or a throne, or a coffin, or so many "common" things, if it's bigger (or louder, or smellier, or etc) than your average person, an SG is well within the guidelines to rule that it's +1 size (or more!).