Disney Conjures a Mystic Tower

Okay so Disney posted on facebook the song "Let It Go" from Frozen as performed by Idina Menzel. Though the video and song are beautiful and quite entertaining what really calls to me, and what makes this pertinent to the Ars Magica forums, is how in the end she conjures a mystic tower (one probably based on CreoAquam). Obviously she does the bit of magic much easier and quicker than a Hermetic mage would, though it is magic that is fully and totally within the purview of the order.

Anyway, I kind of just wanted to share with you folks my geekout as I watch the video and read my Ars Magica books.

The link is here - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152008980156855.

PS. The whole concept of a magic user basically going into the wilderness with nothing and given time and effort being able to create from magic the trappings of civilization really calls to me. I love such magics, and I love how it is quite possible to exist within Ars Magica, though its higher difficulty kind of turns me off even though I understand why it exists as it does.

It looks neat!

In honesty, someone with a magical focus in Ice and decent ReAq / CrAq could probably pull this off Moon duration at about the speed shown. Throw in some of the Merinita mysteries and you've got the summoned snowman/snowbeast/etc. in there as well.

This is very much in scope for a Merinita maga, just probably not one completely fresh out of Gauntlet. Add Performance Magic and she could even do it by singing a song. :slight_smile:

What would be required to make such a tower in ars

Creo Aquam (Te)?

And how to make her cloak?

Virtues: Major immunity to cold. Focus in ice and cold. Special circumstances: singing.
Flaws: Sounds like Proud and maybe problems while in hot weather (deleterious circumstances). Crown, so maybe Heir as well?

Yes, that sounds like a hermetic magus doing everything a magus should be able to do. Really neat :smiley: even if the song is less that great.

You Heretic, That is Idina Menzel!!! She is great per default :slight_smile:

It was a circular tower, and she was dancing around, so maybe duration ring...

With the level 35 spell Conjuring the Mystic Tower (or what it is called) you get a tower that is circular without the ring duration. It is permanent per default

Of course, Disney heroines aren't the only ones who know this spell...


Although this one is perhaps more of a major Hermetic Project... :slight_smile:

... I think that one qualifies for the Magical Fortress boon (or whatever that was called)

Just saw this movie tonight and loved it, especially all the ice magic! Creo Aquam for sure (with some serious Finesse!), but also possibly Perdo Ignem (she freezes a fjord solid as she walks across it), Auram for some blizzard-level wind, and enough Mentem to create snow creatures that act independently. Fantastic depictions of both offensive and defensive CrAq effects! Despite all that Finesse, though, she has some control problems when struggling with negative emotions like anger or fear; maybe Unpredictable Magic?

Highly recommended to any Ars Magica/Disney crossover nerds like me! :smiley:

Lately, Disney has built movies around many of the problems in nuclear families. I took Elsa as the Disney version of The Drama of the Gifted Child - and her magic as very showy Turbulences (Covenants p.22ff) at first. Yes, Arendelle was sorely lacking an Aegis. :slight_smile:


It was a beautiful movie, I really liked it. Last winter disney made me happy!

And Elsa is an elementalist magician. Perdo Ignem, check, Creo Aquam requisite (free) terram for the ice building solidity, check. Creo auram check.

Watched it this weekend with my nephews. I love playing nice and babysitting them to go to the cinema, so I can see these movies as well :mrgreen: Great show of Aquam magic (ice focus) all around. :smiley: The story was simple (even simplistic) and followed the general Disney trend. Nothing wrong here. As usual better not to question some of the movie parameters or it falls down, but the general story was great.

And that tower is amazing, but I liked even better the snow golem. :smiley: :smiley:


Wouldn't it be ReAq since ice is a natural form of water. Of course the PeIg to make it cold. But if you did not have to make it cold...

ReAq would turn existing water or snow into a castle/tower. The finesse EF would probably be at least 21...

Cr(Re)Aq could conjure a tower, as the same Te(Requ)Fo combination applies to Dagger of Ice. That EF, would be much lower, since it's basically a Creo spell and the Rego is just there to ensure that the water is (stays?) frozen (depending on the duration).

The cold never bothered her, anyway.

I like the song. It does a lot of character development and plot advancement in its four minutes, and despite it sounding very standard Disney (Be true to yourself!) this is also the point at which she becomes the Snow Queen, so I imagine that the flow of the movie as a whole problematises things somewhat.

It doesn't come to Japan until March for pity's sake. I might take my daughter anyway, and find out what the song is like in Japanese.

Funny I though the same thing regarding the castle creation ^^
But as fun killer I found the movie as bad as the recent disney productions. Except the first song which is really cool. They should have work on the script instead of working on the XXX thousands of hair threads on the poor snow queen, who really deserved better than being a poor girl unabled to control her power and crying until the very end of the movie.

edit : But I'm unfair,they tried to shake the usual prince/princess scheme. That's cool. Just give us back the lion king writters :angry:

Given that most of the story was about her learning to accept who she was and control her powers instead of letting her fear of herself control her, yes, she kind of did need to be a poor girl unable to control her power and crying for much of the movie.

One could even see it as an analogy for any social stigma that can hurt people who are afraid of themselves until they learn acceptance.

I do not agree. The acceptance is coming at the end of the movie by the -fake- death of her sister (she previously wounded TWICE !) who had to run for a quest trying to tell "hey buddy just calm down it's ok".
Simba was afraid of himself and his past. And he confronted himself for acceptance (even if it was alie) which leads him to the truth. And in 1994 doing a film where the alpha mâle, heir of the king, was a fucking pussy who let everyone down for years, that was bigger.

I would have applaused if the acceptance was done during the reunion at the ice castle leading to a confrontation of the big guy and the kingdom who still though of her as a monster vs the 2 girls. Something who whould not finish on two frozen fountains and an ice rink. The concept was good, but they lacked determination. I mean now women are leading screen in a lot of movies/tv shows, comics are at last marrying people of the same sex. If you want to bend thos stigma (gender equality and more) Disney ! Go further !
Just my opinion though.

But as I said I'm a bit unfair and I know that. They tried something but most of the critics was selling a fucking "new feminist disney movie". I expected more.

Sorry I'm a fun killer :angry:

I wasn't told it was supposed to be a feminist movie, just a winter Disney movie I could take the kids to. From that expectation I think it was one of the best movies Disney has made.