Divine Companion

It is time for our Pen and paper saga to slowly introduce companions. I was thinking of making a Dominion/Divine companion to a Christian Flambeau.

Looking back at Mage:Dark Ages from White-Wolf, they include the Messianic Voices, a group of "Holy mages/divine magi". So I was wondering what could be done to lean closer to them. (Am trying some of the same in the online saga with Caelarch).

First of all, it will be a companion. She will not be as powerful as a maga.
I was thinking of several options. The first is Hyperborean Magic from Ancient Magic. The Seven beautiful names of Light, could be the seven beautiful names of Angels. Or I could make "Names" for X amount of angels, make each an ability like the seven beautiful names and use it that way.

The second is leaning towards Hedge Magic. Design a number of techniques and forms like the Gruagachan or Learned Magicians. Make spell guidelines etc.

A third is using Holy Music from Realms of Power: Divine. I like this one, however it includes 4 of the 7 possible ways to interact with "the Divine", and I wonder if if/how I could include the others, without getting lots of major virtues.

Any thoughts?

If you plan to adapt from "Mage", I'd suggest just making the angelic names into Accelerated abilities since there's no obvious technique to tie them to if they were made arts.

Really though, the mechanics used should be built around your conception of what sorts of feats you want the character's supernatural tradition to be able to accomplish...

Why don't you use Ex MIsc rules about Major Supernatural virtues? This might fit the bill


I think I will create the Messianic Voices as a society, which can initiate certain Virtues.

My idea is for them to start out with Holy Music - giving them access to Blessing, Intervention, Transcendence and Understanding.

Then either I will make another virtue to cover Ajuration, Cursing and Wonders - or simply say they are singular virtues like presented in Realms of Power: The Divine.

My questions though, regarding especially Holy Music are: Choosing the virtue grants you Blessing 1, Intervention 1, Transcendence 1 and Understanding 1 and Holy Music 1? Right? You then raise these as any ability, and use the die roll as presented on page 49: Simple die+Presence+Holy Music+Power (Blessing, Intervention, Transcendence or Understanding)+aura bonus) right?

Also the aura bonus presented on page is 0, but is not mentioned to be either Divine, magic, infernal nor faerie, so which one does it lean against? Divine? with faerie, magic and infernal subtracting?

The aura bonus/penalty is always the Realm the character's powers are associated with. For Divine M&P this will always be Divine unless the character also has the Gift and Holy Magic in which case he would use Divine or Magic (whichever provided the greater benefit).