Divine magic resistance

The general magic resistance granted by parma magica is pretty well defined in the rules, but Im having a hard time finding details about the workings of general magic resistance from Divine sources such as true faith, guardian angels, and relics.

Do these virtues interfere with personal range spells? Can their magic resistance be consciously lowered to permit friendly spells and effects? Do they block the social effects of the gift? Would it stack with form based magic resistance from Divine sources, such as from a mage with holy magic?

Going off memory:

  • Personal Range bypasses all Magic Resistance. I'm not sure if it's stated explicitly in general, but it is stated for multiple types of Magic Resistance.
  • There is no clear rule about lowering Magic Resistance. There is a statement that non-Hermetic magi cannot lower theirs, making it look like it's something special due to Parma Magica. But there is also a statement about not needing to penetrate if a spirit is cooperative, making it look like lowering Magic Resistance is much more broadly possible.
  • Only Parma Magica blocks the social effects of the Gift.
  • Form-based Magic Resistance is not compatible with Divine Magic Resistance. Holy magi can use Forms and Parma Magica (presumably altered by Holy Magic) if they're better.

Thanks! I think that answers the big questions for me.