Divine Powers, Other Auras, and Botches

Someone is using a Divine power in a Magic aura of 5. They get no penalty to their rolls.

Do they have to roll five extra botch dice?

(In case you are wondering, I am asking because I do not think the RAW are as clear on this as they could be, and I would like to see how it should be clarified.)

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Hmm... My first gut instinct, is in fact, no... But (not looking at my core book) they do need to roll the 5 botch dice, yes?

No, they don't get any extra botch dice, but RAW is indeed not very clear on that point.

P183 "The divine is not hampered by auras of other kinds". That seems quite clear. It is written just after an example including botch die, which reinforces my belief no extra botch dice for Divine powers in other auras.

I guess one could write "The divine is not hampered by auras of other kinds. They do not apply penalties, nor receive extra botch dice." to make it super ultra mega clear.


I always thought you rolled 5 extra botch dice - this may be why CJ's sagas are so lethal.

I think this makes it clear that clarification is needed.

I am strongly inclined to clarify that extra botch dice are not rolled. Does that contradict anything elsewhere.


I was always under the impression that Divine Powers ignored all the negative effects of other (non-Divine) auras, which would include the additional botch dice. If people are failing to get this from the way RAW currently is written, then adding a little blurp that explains this would clarify things.