Do Ritual Spells require concentration?

Page 82 of the Rule book says "A maga must concentrate in order to cast
a spell." Further on, the section continues, "If you are undistracted,
you can maintain concentration for fifteen minutes for every point you have in the
Concentration Ability."

This implies that a maga needs at least one level in concentration, for every magnitude of ritual spell. (Although this is not explicitly stated in ritual spells.)

If this is correct, I would expect my players to really start bumping concentration to be able to cast any ritual at a significant magnitude.

Am I crazy? Did I miss something? Is there any official answer to this? Thanks for any input!

I know my interpretation was that most of the time for preparing ritual magic was... Well... Preparing. Drawing a circle, beheading the chickens, seeing the goat on fire. Candles! I meant lighting the candles.

The full paragraph is important here. If something distracts a maga during the ritual casting, then they must make a concentration roll when casting the spell.

The later paragraph where it talks about maintaining concentration for fifteen minutes, this suggests that if you are maintaining concentration on an existing spell.

There's nothing really explicit here; you could rule that way, but it would make rituals all but useless, because if you botch a concentration roll, you fail concentration the spell fails. Is the vis wasted? And then you check for botch on the spell, with an additional botch die, which for rituals, starts at 1+magnitude, so now it's 2+magnitude. A 30th level Aegis, which isn't super strong, but is serviceable has 8 botch dice at minimum if you require concentration rolls.

Interesting. I really never even thought to require any concentration rolls (unless interrupted, of course). I was concerned that a level 40 ritual would require an 8 concentration ability. (Or a 7 with a specialty in rituals). That seemed very very limiting.