Do Spirits see each other?

I'm curious whether immaterial Spirits can see each other without further powers. I mean, can an immaterial Spirit see other Spirits if it doesn't have Second Sight?

Let's make a few concrete examples. Imagine a couple of djinn that are in spiritual form, no physical body donned, and let's assume they don't have Second Sight or any other power that allows to sense spiritual, immaterial beings. Can they see each other? Can they see another immaterial Spirit, like a demon in spiritual form, one that has not coagulated a physical form? Actually, can the demon see the djinn, if it doesn't have any particular power to sense spiritual beings?

My question, in general terms, would be if spiritual form works like a "plane of existence" or a kind of "invisibility", so to speak. Meaning, if you're in "another plane" when spiritual, and thus can see what's there (other spirits) normally, or if you're just "invisible", and thus other "invisible" people would face the same problems sensing you as any physical being.

Maybe there's a cannonical answer somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

This neatly answers the question regarding demons in spiritual form, thanks a lot.

I'm still unsure regarding other types of spirits, though your quote kind of seems to imply that other types of spirits are not able to sense each other without Second Sight. Otherwise I think it would read "sense spiritual beings as any other spirt can" instead of "sense spiritual beings as if they had the Second Sight Ability".

Ah, I found the answer to my own question, in Realms of Power: Magic.

Many spirits/supernatural entities ignore each other, possibly due to personal obsessions (Faeries, ghosts) or lack of anything in common.

Yeah, but in this case I was asking because of a sahir PC character facing a demon in spiritual form. She wanted to know if she could command her jinn to let her know where the demon spirit is, and also if she could then target the spiritual demon with her naranjs and/or command her jinn to attack the spiritual demon.

I would say no simply based on a demon's inherent capacity for deception.

Yet people with Second Sight may see a demon in spirit form. It's harder than normal spirits (Ease Factor 9 + magnitude of Might, instead of just 9, RoP:I p.33), but not impossible. And RoP:M p.100 seems to imply spirits (at least Magic ones) can see other spirits without need of Second Sight.

At the very least, I think I would allow the jinn a Perception + Awareness roll against the same ease factor for Second Sight rolls (9 + magnitude of Might), but not completely disallow it. I mean I don't see why people with Second Sight might see spiritual demons, while spirits (who have better "spirit senses") cannot at all.

P.S. - I just noticed jason already gave me the quote on RoP:M p.100 before I found it myself, though for some reason I somehow didn't see it when I read his post.

It was edited in around the same time - I didn't notice you had found it until after I finished the edit.

Ah, ok. Thought I was going blind. :wink: