Do you know any 'How to play Ars Magica' article?

Both 'How to play a magus' and 'How to run a covenant' type ideas and articles would be admirable.

To what purpose?

Are you looking for basic advice, or a checklist of details/considerations, or unusual spins, or what?

I have an article I wrote on how to create a character (not the mechanics, but how to approach the process), which might touch on part of the first.

As for the second, that's GM theory, and that can be a long, long discussion, and every post will have a slightly different preferred approach.

I am interested in all the things you wrote.
Both role and game mechanic tips would be good.

Google is my friend but it did not give me ideas. I know only Can you send me your article or give a link to it?

I'll do better- I'll just post it. But on another thread, where it can get any feedback it deserves, without derailing your request here.

Edit- posted here: