Can GMC characters dodge?

I assumed they could but then my players pointed out that it never specifically says they can in the rules.

If they CAN dodge, do other GMs feel they SHOULD dodge as it can stretch the combat out.

I sometimes have GMCs dodge or give a boost to an ally. Very seldom, though, no more than once per fight. I can't remember the last time I did it in a game but I'd limit it to avoid dragging out a fight.

Thanks for the response. I was basically leaning towards this kind of thing on my own as, while the game does involve a lot of misses I feel it can have TOO many misses if the bad guys are dodging constantly.

I've very much Like Isaacpriestley in regard to dodging GMCs. Hardy ever happens unless it's a fight I want to drag out for mega-dramaticness (is dramaticness a word, if not, it should be).

To tell the truth, I usually stick the GMCs i expect the players to run into down on little index cards before play. A quick look at the players stats before the game tells me what to go for GMC defense rating for how dramatic and long I want the fight/s to be, so I base the GMC defense value on that factor most of the time.

On a totally unrelated subject. Anyone know what the next Feng Shui 2 product to be released will be? Got a hankering for some more actioning....

We just had a big fight in our latest game where the heroes just SPANKED the bad guys, way harder than I was expecting! It worked out pretty well because they managed to do serious damage to my Ascended sub-group known as GHIDORA. They've almost completely destabilized GHIDORA now and its leader is on the run from them after getting almost killed trying to protect a secret launch platform at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

It also means I'll be keeping a closer eye on the GMC Defense and Toughness stats next time :slight_smile:

I guess the next FS2 thing would be "Burning Shaolin", a module with updated rules for Pathfinder and Feng Shui 2.

After that, I don't know if there is anything planned at all.