Does a 0 on a Wierd Magic botch dice contribute to Twilight?

The description on when to roll for twilight says that we should roll for twilight when the magus gains two or more warping points from a single spell/supernatural event.

That sounds pretty clear cut. Now throw wierd magic into the mix.

Three botch dice rolled and one came up with a 0. Then the purple wierd magic die was cast... came up 0.

Three options as I see it:

  1. Two warping points gained, roll for twilight please
  2. Two warping points gained, but wierd magic is less dangerous so don't roll for twilight
  3. One warping point gained, one for the initial 0 but no warping point gained for the wierd effect, so no twilight roll

Which is it? Any of the above?

I usually rule option 2: Weird Magic warps the character, but doesn't necessitate a check for Twilight.