Does anyone know where the demons who eat books in Kabbalah come from?`

On Kaballah p.137 there's a type of demon that eats information out of books. I presume its a Cabalistic mazzakim, but does anyone know where the folklore for it comes from? I'm not finding it: instead I'm getting an angel (Shomer Dappin) that causes you to forget what's in a book if you leave it open.

Is it from the Zohar?

I could not find the reference in the Kabbalah section of RoP:D or Revised Judaism arround page 137. Am I in the right book?

It may be a 4th edition book..

That's certainly a 4th ed cover design.

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Found the block of text and I could not find any information on the type of demon. It seems that there is not much to be found in a language I understand, but many Jewish text are not translated. You could ask one of the authors if any are still around the community (David Honigsberg, Adam Bank, and Jeremiah Genest).

For anyone interested in the general caste of Jewish "Mazzik" demons covered in that section (rather than the ones Timothy asked about), a resent movie named ‘The Vigil’ might be of interest. It was written and directed by a Jewish man who wrote their Master thesis on Jewish Monsters, stars Jewish actors, was filmed in haredi neighborhoods in Borough Park and Williamsburg, and set up real Orthodox rabbis around the perimeter of the set to explain the movie to passersby.


I took a look at this site and if you scroll
right to the bottom it says what you say about the Sh.D. Hmmm....this is all over the internet, more obscure spirits are hard to find. Damn you internet, TV shows make me believe you can research demons with ease!

there's a twitter focused on demons from judaism... @/throwingsheyd


Just for that account's name, they should get extra points