Does Deft Form allow stealth spells?

I would think so, since I'd "suffer no penalty to the Casting Total casting spells in that Form when using non-standard voicings/gestures" (ArM5, p.41, 83). However, "including using no voice or gestures because [I am] in a non-human form" (emphasis mine) makes me wonder if it's only in animal form and not default human.

Though I certainly wouldn't mind making ReCo into the evil eye, to say nothing about what you can do with Mentem!

The text can be interpreted either way, but if it only removed the penalty for no voices/gestures when in animal form then the virtue wouldn't be worth taking, so I assume it applies regardless of your shape.

I've always ruled it does - count it as removes voice and gesture penalties for one form. Seeing as you have to buy three virtues (two for voice, one for gestures) to remove voice and gesture for all forms, this is a fair virtue - good if you're a single form specialist, terrible if you are a generalist.

By the way it is written, it is a clarification/inclusion (everywhere, including this way you might not think of) rather than a restriction (only this way).

It is not restricted to animal form. Notice the word "including." That tells you it's more general, while making sure you note that it solves some shape-shifting issues. This added bit does nothing to undo any of the earlier sentence. That earlier sentence still applies, and it works the same way outside of animal form.

I can be important to remember that it doesn't allow everything to be done stealthily. For example, you can't take advantage of it when Fast Casting.

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