Does lightning strike the same place twice?

Until the develop of modern physics and the resulting study of electrodynamics most people were comfortable with the fact that lightning never struck the same place twice. Ars is a game in mythic europe where modern science and our "enlightened" views of the world and reality have no place. This made me wonder. How true/real are these mediveal "facts" in mythic europe?
Lets say the players are cought outside in an open field during a naturally occuring lightning storm. They notice that lightning strikes a very tall tree standing on top of a very tall hill rich in iron deposits. Naturally they rush towards the tree to seek shelter, comfortable with the knowledge that they can't possibly be struck by lightning there.
Now what happens in mythic europe? Are they safe? Or do they discover much to their dismay that lightning DOES strike the same place twice?

Hail Eris!

I would says that it all depends on your game. In our game, if lightening were to strike us down on that small hill, then it must be the works of the infernal, divine or a powerfull Magus.


Yes, I suppose it does depend on ones game. I was just wondering if GM's in general give it any thought how true these medieval "facts" are in their games.

Does this mean my spell "Curse of the Tallest Tree" doesn't work?

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