Probably I'm too late w/this one. Sigh...

I've always struggled to convey what kind of music (real world) to play to my victi--err, OTE players (not the PCs) when in Chrome Dome, since it's so esoteric.

Anyone care to enlighten my mind?

Lets drop some Blue Shock & make beautiful music together!

PS: The closest I've got was Music for Airports & such stuff...

Will no one help the Widow's Son?


Perhaps some Morton Subotnick or Dan Deacon (turned way down)?

Maybe Metal Machine Music from Lou Reed, also.


Thanks, fnord... I thought this post was going to go necro soon!

I was thinking along those lines too... & I do have MMM; my players hate it! :smiling_imp:

What do you think about stuff like Autechre? ... re=related ... eature=plc

...Maybe too electronic? Seems they only play organic/acoustic music in the Dome (from the few examples read); I could be mistaken.


Autechre is a good recommendation.
As for the kind of music played in the Dome, I abstratc electro would be as good as weird acoustic stuff.

I was thinking that La Monte Young's music could fit easily.

In a more modern style, the album UFO from "Need new body" could do it too.
Or any Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.
You can tap into some old krautrock bands as well (Neue, Faust or Can for the most famous amongst them).

I remember once having made a compilation of weird music for one of my session. The players couldn't stand it for more than one hour. It made them nervous. And, indeed, the scenario ended badly because they killed each other though it wasn't intended originaly.


This little gem comes to mind, then: ... d_cp_mov_0


Fnord indeed!

Like! :wink: