Domus Magna

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where are informations about the different domus magnus? (aegis, inhabitants...)

I'm taking all information, because i'd want to create some "convenants of the order as existing" repertory file for future adventures.

in each of the tribunal books i think.

for exemple roman tribunal :

uh? isn't it from another edition?

I have read that, but i think it's no longer up to date?

yes but as far as i know ther is no plan to do this all over again.
So it is our only source of information.

Oh ...

Any houserules / house made domus magna?

There are two Tribunal books for Fifth Edition: the Lion and the Lily, and Guardians of the Forest. Each of them goes into detail about the domus magnae in their area.

You can also find 5th Edition information about the domus magna of each House in the respective House book. For instance, I wrote a few paragraphs about the domus magna of House Flambeau in Houses of Hermes: Societates.

The older Tribunal books like Rome and Iberia are indeed out of date and may be contradicted by more recent books. However they can still be useful. They may give more information than is available in the current edition, or you may like the older version better. For example, I'll tease my friend Marko a little bit and say he definitely prefers how House Flambeau was portrayed in the Iberia Tribunal book over the 5th Edition House book. :slight_smile:

I know realize that all the changes in cannon are the result of Romulans and Spock travelling back in time :laughing:

I also think Iberia is a beautiful (though flawed) sourcebook. It was my first :wink:. But anyway, no Domus is located in that book. The original Covenants from second edition contains information about Val-Negra, the original Flambeau domus. Awesome setting for an adventure, it is sadly too worn out and decrepit to serve as an effective domus magnus. Covenants also has Coeris I think (or was that the original Order of Hermes book? I forget).

Some Domas Magnae are listed in detail and others are just referenced with tidbits about culture and sites. Off the top of my head:

The Lion and the Lily (5th Ed France Tribunal Book)

  • Fudarus (Tytalus)

Guardians of the Forest (5th Ed Rhine Tribunal Book)

  • Durrenmar (Bonisagus)
  • Crintera (Bjornaer)
  • Irencillia (Merinita)

Societates Houses of Hermes (5th Ed) mentions some details

  • Solis Castra (Flambeau)
  • Cad Cadu (ex Misc)

Mystery Cults Houses of Hermes (5th Ed) mentions some details

  • Verdi (Verditius)
  • Crintera
  • Cave of Twisting Shadows

True Lineages Houses of Hermes (5th Ed) mentions some details

  • Coeris (Tremere)
  • Magvillus in the Rome Tribunal (Guernicus)
  • Harco (Mercere)

Santuary of Ice (4th Ed Alps Tribunal Book)

  • Valnastium (Jerbiton)
  • Cave of Twisting Shadows (Criamon)

Rome Tribunal Book (3rd Ed)

  • Magvillus in the Rome Tribunal (Guernicus)
  • Harco (Mercere)
  • Verdi (Verditius)

Covenants (2nd)
Val Negra (Flambeau)
The rest of the Covenants book are all Provencal sites.

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Branugurix (Diedne), too. It's in Normandy, mentioned in The Lion and the Lily.

Heirs to Merlin (4th) has a writ eup of Cad Gadu