Double ressources for transformed animals

I now possessed FS for years now - and yet I discovered something new for me. :slight_smile:

Do TA really have double ressources for their martial arts schticks?

  1. Kung fu Fchticks depends on your kung fu points/ratings, which is a secondary chi attribute.
  2. Transformed animals schticks depens on chi points, which are taken from your general chi attribute - and it directly stats, that kung fu rating/points DO NOT count.

Does this really mean that a TA (Chi attribute 7) can use his seven chi points for, just as an example, defensive transformed animal schticks (like scuttle) and in the same sequence use his seven kung fu points (kung fu secondary attribute 7) for offensive kung fu schticks (like hands without shadows)? Right now I cannot find any other possible interpretation of the sentence "higher secondary attributes of chi, such as kung fu or magic, do not contribute to the number of points you can spend in a given sequence (FS 109)"


No, Fu schticks and Transfromed Animal schticks use the same pool.

But if they use the same pool, why does Kung Fu does not count for TA schticks?