Doubt about Empowering the Bond - Please help

Hi, i saw that the Powers enchanted on the Familiars need Modifications to use and to Concentration, but nor include Penttration, oblivion or oversight?
And abut that, the Familiar or/and the magi count like enchanted with any power enchantment?

Please help

Not sure what you're asking?

I am asking if the Power enchanted in the familiars thnaks to the Bond need Penetration, i understand that not to affect the Familiar or the Magi, but... some power like the Iron claws or fire cap of the core rules did'nt include...

Hmph. On re-reading, it appears that by RAW the powers need to penetrate to affect the magus or familiar! this is certainly not how I ever played it, and does not seem to be the intention. I'd say to just ignore this oversight, and add a sixth difference under Empowering the Bond - the powers must be at Touch range, but need not penetrate the magus' or familiar's magic resistance to affect them. Note that there is also another exception, that is not listed here - the powers do not induce Warping. Which makes familiar enchantment great for protective/permanent spells :slight_smile:

Aside from that... Again, it appears to be an oversight, but yes - the powers should require Penetration to affect something. I think.



If I put a CrIg effect into my familiar bond to grant my familiar an Aura of Fire (ArM5, p. 105), then that Aura certainly needs to penetrate, should my familiar decide to try and menace a Being of Might with it - or a Hermetic Magus for that matter.

But it is not like the Enchantmen of one object, taht needs penetration included to no harmfull efects to harm normally with the body? True? I mean, that you can make one simple MuIm to the weapons of one group because youdo it Forcless to don't be wounded thanks to your MR, and the same with enchanted items or one tatoo or shapechanging spell to one body, or enchanted branding; but not with the bond powers tant don't need touch the objective like the mental comunication, true?

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean?

If you have an effect which is range personal, it does not nee3d to penetrate*+** - but you will never have a R: Pers effect in the familiar bond, as it explicitly uses R: Touch (ArM5, p. 105).

*Source? I know I've read it, but can't seem to find it again.
** Curious detail this - I think we'd be better off without it. If I use magic to change my hands into claws and try to take your eyes out with said claws, should the not be resisted?

I'd say it requires no penetration to effect either partner of the bond whie cast through the bond, but requires penetration as usual to affect stuff beyond the bond.


  1. effect that the familiar uses on the master to stop magus' blood flow = no penetration required
  2. effect that the familiar uses to throw a fireball = needs to penetrate MR of whatever it chooses to fireball, even the if the target is the magus
  3. effect that the master uses on the familiar to give it fiery claws (of doom). Does not need to penetrate the familiars MR to successfully cast but does need to penetrate the Mr of anything the familiar takes a swipe at.

And... So the body is not enchated with one effect that don't affect the body? I mean, the Cre mentem to geve emotions to the partner, does the body's magi or familiar's body need Penetration to beat with one brawl attack against other being?
I've saw taht this is true on Enchanted items.