Doubt about Lab and Enchanted items

I am maiking the lab to one of my players, one Verditius generalistic on his Arts but specialized on enchantments. I wonder if the rul of Covenants about 20 to one +1 Characteristic; that number, it's literally the minimal? Or this is another example about round up?

I ask this for one Artesa, enchanted with one PeIg constant effect to maintain freezed water or others materials, the final level is 14; but i think than this objetct at lest could be +1 Safety or Health. What do you think?

As SG, you are final arbiter of this sort of thing. However, my own personal opinion is that if you have someone on-site who could enchant the item or connections with another covenant containing such a Magus, then you could pay the 6 Build Points for an enchanted item doing that. Be warned that this could lead to abuse if the players get too many ideas of circumventing costs like this.

The whole '20 points of enchantment' is really for if you don't care enough to get into the nitty gritty. If the players are trying to be clever, let them. But keep in mind that if they have the magic out in the open, the Covenant will warp. If they try to use mundane methods to spread the benefits of magic, such as via central plumbing, central air conditioning, or central lighting, the mundane infrastructure will require maintenance.


You have to balance three things:

  • Reward creative solution - as GM as much as possible, I try to never say "No" to good idea, but I might suggest some twikings if it looks a bit too broken
  • Manage potential abuse - and here, you just have to be clear: "I let you do that because of the flavours, but don't abuse it". By giving a fair warning you can say "No" if one try to abuse your previous decision,
  • Prevent obvious modern implementation that reasonably the PCs could not have thought of; if one of them has Inventive Genius, Free Expression (for lateral thinking) and a high Craft Score, Artes Liberales or Philosophae, you might be lenient I let him have ONE little improvement based on modern science.

Absolutely. And in this case no local craftsman can do it for them. There is probably only the invetor-mage who can fix it. After having several seasons shorten because he had to do some emeregency fixings, he might gave up.

Also you might want to consider having a look at "Transforming Mythic Europe", if there is a chance that such improvements leak to the whole Order and the mundane community.

Thanks pals! After many thinking, with all the spended work and time, we used the guidelines for Covenants. The basic idea still being under the rules about sympathy and not over modern terms. The player wanted more risky thing, and he got one Verditius dream lab, because his Craft of course. He is gonna to experiment so much than probably the objects are going to be strongly interesting producing side effects by Warping and stories, furthemore.
The final results were written up here on spanish.

Note that some "advances" in this realm would actually be rediscoveries of Roman ideas - they actually did have some of those things, after all. If one of the magi can get a copy of De Architectura, (and apparently it was known to exist by some folks), then they could probably implement a few of the ideas.

True. Might even be something that Jerbiton magi aspire to, setting up all the Roman features they can in their Covenant. It would still require considerable maintenance.