Doubt about Perdo Mentem Base 25

So the "Leave a person a mindless husk", should it be maintained with a Duration? Or this work more like one "mental" wound?

I think it's like a lobatomy and then some. The mind isn't suppressed; it's destroyed.


So... the spell A&A "The Clean State" is more like one special against sme memory and mental capabilities not? Because the effect isn't so great to leave no trace, leaving the general abilities. I am working on a Eye erase minds spell, and i've seen that doubt seeng this precedent.

I require this kind of spell to be maintained. Otherwise it´s just a different way to kill a person and becomes somewhat pointless.

And the Mentem specialist with deficient Corpus is effectively nerfed. Base 30 PeCo kills a person, this is Base 25 PeMe, and while it does effectively eliminate the recipient from the saga, it's use could cause more problems than just killing the person outright.

And what does mindless husk mean? Would it be someone with his procedural memories intact? Like having someone suffering from amnesia, perhaps? I'd be inclined to more clearly define what mindless husk means, before just saying it needs to be maintained.

Thanks by the diferents opinions, let see if we go to one conclussion.
The 15 level to drive somebody insane is not maintained, right? I think that if the 25 is it that doesn't mean that the previous too; i think taht this is in fact one ill/wound to the mind, so if the empty husk could be like steal natural functions but not the insanity, that can be the fruit of the time or warping.

For what it's worth, I'd point out that in previous editions there was a Perdo Mentem spell (level 35 I think) that "permanently" left the victim a mindless husk. It was basically the Mentem "instant death" spell counterpart of "Clenching Grasp of the Crushed Heart". I think that the idea behind this PeMe 25 guideline in Arm5 was to allow replication of that legacy spell with R:Voice and D:Mom -- so the guideline was probably meant to require no active maintenance. It's all speculation, obviously.

We've had this discussion before.

Pe/Me 35 - Curse of Hollow Life

I thought that but, thnaks by the Threadomancy hehehe. I'll check.

Nerfed? Do you even begin to realise how overpowered Mentem specialists are?

One of the first mods we did, instakill spell victims got a chance to resist, because of how horribly overpowered this was compared to other guidelines(you could reduce damage taken from almost anything else one way or another, but not with these). Long since superceeded by moving "kill a person" to Base 50 PeCo.

"Mindless", no mind, without mind, incapable of thought or memory.

Oh you´re probably right about that. But used like that, it sucks.
And i mess with this by calling on the limit of essential nature. Ie, unless the sundering of the mind is upheld by magic, the mind will try to regain its original state and reject the damage as that isn´t how it´s supposed to be.

And, it´s still VERY powerful even if you use it like that.

Well at last the spell is one Voicee Ranged and Moon Duration to make senses.
This spell makes the effect of empty husk but duration, and it's thougt to one very agressive spell to Wizard wars and Maarched, and for very nasty Tremeres over the rash magi on duel to Certamen against them without very great reason or for simple opposition for the House.

I don't think I'd agree. In antiquity and the middle ages it was well known that a strong blow to the head (or possibly some kind of shocking experience) could leave the victim catatonic. So in this sense a "broken" mind is no more unnatural than a broken limb.

It was also known that people with mental or head injuries could recover without outside help.

However, Mentem is not physical injury(at least not as i´ve read it)... It is an intangible injury affecting the mind without physically harming it.