Doubt about Performance Duration

Hi, should be possible for a wizard with the performance magic Virtue instill the duration in a enchanted object?
Offtopic P.D.
I am working in a set of sobrenatural abilities and traditions based on theirs. And adapt the virtues of alchemy mysteryes for some Traditions of Hedge magic book, any help or cheer should be welcome.

I don't see why not - it's a Hermetic Virtue.

If you want to argue it, make it something that can be performed with... That still doesn't limit you much, but does give you reason to ask HOW it's being performed with.

I mean taht if you have the Performance Magic Single weapon and you enchant a sword, and you give it a ffect with that duration, work instatly in the combat turns? Or need the modification with use for any strike?
The same for a flute or other instrumen, work in their natural use, but like in hermetic common casting do it work in the other in ritualistic use? Or in the weapon cae still needed the use un damager?

Well, triggering effects can be done in multiple ways (main book, p98 - Designing the Effect), and they're all pretty much inconsequential: a stance, a phrase, a flick of the wrist will all suffice to trigger the item. So you can create a sword with a trigger of a phrase and a Duration of Diameter and it'll probably last the whole fight, or Duration: Sun and you're certain it'll last the whole fight.

Yes, i hnow it, but... Could use same the same rules of Performance duration in a enchanted object or is this only in magic casted by the Magi?