Doubt about "The laboratory of Bonisagus"

This thread is somewhat related to my previous one, though this is more about something that intrigues me about this spell.

"The laboratory of Bonisagus" (Covenants, page 122) is a ritual spell that creates a fully usable standard lab with flawless tools and equipment. This spell has target group with no size modifiers so, according to Creo's description in page 77 of the core, that means that no more of 10 items are created.
On the other hand, the description of a typical sanctum given in covenants, and the fact that manually setting up a standard lab takes 6 months, imply that there are a lot more than 10 items in a lab.

My interpretation is that the spell only creates the more important items in the lab(scales, cauldron, etc) and the rest does not need to be of the same quality for the lab to qualify for these virtues. If this is not the case, I don't know why it takes so much time to set up a lab if only 10 items are necessary

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I can't find anything on p77 in the core rulebook talking about how many of anything you can create with Creo.
Page 112 does talk about T:Group, and says T:Group can target/create objects with a total mass of up to 10 standard individuals. What a standard individual is depends on the Form used.

The base Individual for Terram depends on
the material involved. For sand, dirt, mud, clay,
or similar substances, it is about ten cubic paces
of stuff. For stone, it is a single cubic pace. For
base metals, it is a cubic foot, while for precious
metals it is a tenth of that. For gem stones, the
base individual is one cubic inch in size.
-- Core p152

If the spell can create all the items in a typical laboratory will thus depend on exactly what items are included, and what materials they are made of.
There is however no inherent problem in creating more than 10 items with T:Group.


Ok, then It seems I misunderstood it. If glass were considered like stone, then makes sense that, at most, 10 cubic paces of glass are more than enough to create all the glass items in a lab