Doubt about the size for beasts

Hi, I have a doubt about the size and the animal wound levels from RoP: Magic and the Core book, but the RoP: Faerie seems to say other thing about really little sizes. I am maiokng one regular mouse to one spell, and I am making my ones creatures so, the mouse would be like the mouse from RoP: Magic or use the -10 siz that is a onlyb level of wounds?

My understanding is that if it a size -10 creature it won't even need 1 point of damage to kill it. Any hit will probably kill it, even one that wouldn't typically inflict a wound.

Faerie mice get to break rules, though, because faeries. Or, more specifically, they don't get to break rules but they have their own rulebook. Literally.

Yeah, but by the regular rules, one mouse have 4 level of damage really. I am sure than they made some vermins very weak and so, but i think than you are right.

That was for this: ... eo-de.html