Doubt regarding Animae Magic

Hi sodalis!

First message in the forums and i start with a doubt.

My question is the following: how should be the Anima guidelines (HoH: Mystery Cults page 94) be interpreted? For example for Herbam it says:

And the general guidelines say:

So on top of that should we stack the Range, Objective and Duration requirements? So for example a spell to create a faerie servant for a day should be:

Or are the 15 extra levels for the range and duration not really needed?

Absolutely required.

The spell is perfectly designed (except that instead of Objetive the last parameter is named Target). [strike]The only thing I would frown upon is all that Might; do you really need a faerie of Might 10 to act as your butler? It just makes the spell way too big, and the fae harder to affect with further spells. And that if you are a Merinita, act as such and weirden your spells; why opting for D:Sun when you can take D:Midday/Midnight?[/strike]

Edit: just dashing the controversial parts.

Presumably it was just and example. 10 is a round number and all that.

And my reply a comment to that example. 0 is also a round number, you know.

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I believe that the most common reason to start posting in fora like this. :slight_smile:

As has already been mentioned


This represents a very narrow view of Faeries and House Merinita. Please don't force it on people.
And if what we're dealing with, is simply an example, that's even more rude.

If you want a cup bearer for a day, that's excellent. Or you could go with

...though obviously this one would be a ritual, and a s such cost Vis.

Yes, but supernatural entities tend to stop existing at Might 0. I wouldn't allow it.
And also, that would obscure the point of the question, if it is indeed simply an example.

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I'm really sorry, I though I was just giving an opinion, instead of forcing people to do my will regarding how Tr00 Merinita must be, being rude and commenting off topic example bits all along. I apologize for that, and I dashed all the controversial parts of my reply above.

My most sincere apologies.

Thank you all for the replies! Doubt solved!

Will probably come back with more though ^^

No offense taken. Liked the comment about duration "midnight".

In fact i did chose Might 10 because that is the might of the first example of faeric creature in the basic manual : Mateos the faeric cupper. See on chapter XIII.

... I I was probably rather overly blunt about it. My apologies in return.