Doubts about some Sobrenatural Abilities and Virtues

Hi, I was taken a sight about some virtues and I have doubts:
First, Is Craft Automaton affeccted by Auras Interaction?
Second, Could a Tremere (with his Certamen Focus) or a Ex Miscellanea with minor focus like Minor Hermetic Virtue take another Magical Focus?
Third, Could all Sobrenatural Abilities have a Specialities? (The no expressed is a accident?)
Can a un-Gifted but with true faith learn Ars Notoria?

Yep. Make up a nice speciality. The example characters all have specialities for their Premonitions/Second Sight/etc.

Thanks for the first answer, but I was thinking more about Nature Lore, that haven't specility any anoted, or Sihr.

Serf's parma, but isn't CA used in the Lab Total, so is affected by the aura anyways?

No. Although many, many do allow a Tremere to choose some other virtue, as lacking a magical focus can make a big difference. Also, an alternative to having a second magical focus is taking Potent Magic, described in The Mysteries Revised Edition/Mystery Cults essentially for this purpose.

I think that in principle yes, all supernatural abiltiies can have specialties. So you could have a Forest Lore (Oak Trees) or something like that.

I believe so, but really don't remember much on it.

Serf's parma on everything. :slight_smile:

If it has an Ability score, it can have a specialization. There is nothing about certain Supernatural Abilities that precludes them from having specialiazations just because there are no examples given. Sometimes authors just don't think about it, forget, or run out of time and space.

Thanks, I was thinking some like that and with Potent Major necomancy a specalist Tremer Necromancer iit's a sure character with sense. My doubt camefrom the no-cont free virtues; but I think that the first place for magical Focus contrl have more sense.

Yes, like almost every other lab activity.

Canonically, no.

Sure, why not?

Sorry, I do not understand this :frowning:

No. It's explicitly stated in its description that to learn it you need the Gift (serf's parma, but I am pretty sure about this; it should be somewhere in the very first column of the Ars Notoria section. Also, the only book that you can start learning it from is just a book of divine lore to the ungifted - second or third page of the description, I believe). On the other hand you do not need to have True Faith. You do need to be christian, however - muslims and jews cannot acquire it.

Sorry about My English, i was saying than there are sobrenaturals abilities with specialities added and other not. Cause that.

Then, When you are using the Craft Automat for repair or making one you have the effect Aura to the Total? Not? ONly I want remarck that.

Craft Automata is a Major Hermetic Virtue that can be learned as a Major Supernatural Virtue. Like other Supernatural Virtues, it is affected by auras. Your confusion seems to be that the formula listed on page 129 of "Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults" does not include "+ aura". It probably should, my apologies. Read it as:

Construct Automata: Intelligence + Craft Automata + aura + stress die vs. Automaton's Magic Might.

When instilling powers, you use the magus' Lab Total, which naturally includes the aura.

I'd include the aura when repairing an automaton as well.

Hope that answers your questions.

Matt Ryan

  1. Aura modifiers are supposed to apply to all supernatural abilities (see the "Realm Auras" box, ArM5 pg 183) and it's not unusual for it not to be included in the Formulae. Hephaestion's Example (HoH: MC pg 132) doesn't include any mention of Auras though. Craft Automata is unusual among Supernatural Abilities, however, because it's always used in a Laboratory so adding an Aura Modifier to the formula would almost always result in Magic Aura bonuses for the magi.
    One potential explanation is that Crafting the Body is basically a mundane activity and that the aura modifier already applies to the magus' Enchantment Totals (the magical part of the endeavour).

  2. No, According to the RAW a character may only possess a single Magical Focus. However, a fairly common house rules is to replace Tremere's Minor Magical Focus (Certamen) with a cusom virtue that grants a de facto magical focus to certamen (similar to Diedne Magic or Chthonic Magic).

  3. All abilities have specialties associated with them. Accelerated abilities are a bit more complicated. Of the three listed in HoH: S, only Banishing has any specializations listed, but the "Accelerated Abilities" box earlier in the chapter states that they are abilities, but bought at the arts scale. Therefore I would rule that specializations are applicable.

  4. It does seem odd doesn't it? The nearest I can tell is that Ars Notoria is associated with the Magic realm, but somehow manages to produce Divine effects.

I thought it was pretty explicate that Ars Notoria is associated with the Divine Realm and produces Divine effects. It is a odd that only Gifted characters can use it, yes. Why is it necessary for an individual to have this magic-taint (the Gift) to use an obvious Divine power? Perhaps studying such a case might grant a Hermetic researcher insight into a Hermetic Breakthrough that mollifies the regular harsh penalties Divine auras inflict on magic users.

Matt Ryan

Thanks Matt by your response. And all others too.

Sure thing; I hope it helps.

(Actually, I'm replying because this will be my 100th post and I'm curious to see what happens. Maybe I should put my Parma up.)

Matt Ryan

And other doubt that I have is about "Craft Alligned with a Realm" or something like that from City & Guild. This is a Major Supernatural Virtue but, Could somebody take more than One Time? Because this make possible the creation of magical objects like you would have Arts and thigs like that, I thought than I can use that with Craft Automata for a Hedge or Faeric Clock Army or something like that.
Too I was thinking in create a Sobrenatural Ability related to Whisp to the Wind, Beat of Thunder, with the same system that the early but wit thunders an Lightning znd hzviong that make Dancing or Musics die rolls...

The Touched by (Realm) virtue from C&G doesn't prohibit a character from taking the virtue more than once, but if the character has The Gift combining the Craft Magic and Faerie Magic would provide the same benefits more cheaply, though I admit to some confusion regarding your exact intentions.

Thunder and Lightning is a good idea. If you're going to add another element to the formulae, however, be sure to adjust the EFs accordingly. Personally, I'd assume the dances are part of the supernatural ability and just use Beat of Thunder + Dexterity + Aura + Die while requiring the character to to be able to move freely (ie not bound or in combat).

Ps. Congrats to Matt Ryan on completing his Gauntlet! looks at his own post-count and sighs with resignation

No, I was thinking make a No Hermetic NPC like rival that could use the combination of Touched for a Realm with Craft Automat for make magicals machines of war. I did'nt knowed if I should create like a Faery or a Hedge Wizard, but for the concept of magical crafter attracted to me. And for the Craft Automat was need Arts, but in the concept the NPC haven't that. (What Craft Magic are you telling?)
And for Beat of Thunder the Dancing was for make the difference changes like make Whisper to the Wind.
Other question, Puissant Magic Sensivity the is added the bonus to the penalty to Magic Resistance? For can sense magical beings with her, must this Ability total Penetrate their Magical Resitance?