Doubts about the Recovery Modifiers in Art & Academe

Hi everybody,

I have several doubts regarding wound healing. In page 54 of Art and Academe there is a Recovery Modifiers table. In the description it's stated that every applied modifier grants an additional botch dice to the recovery rolls.

The first question is that there are some neutral and positive modifiers that are a bit weird to have them add a botch dice (you are in a good place for healing after all). Is this an errata or does the additional botch dice apply? I think it should only be added on negative modifiers.

The second one is that there is one modifier that states that self applied chirurgy or medicine give a -3, so a persona with chirurgy+1 would get an effective -2 to their recovery roll.

Third question wouldnt An untreated wound get a recovery roll malus? I havent been able to find any modifiers for this situation.

And yes, we have lots of combat in our saga.

I would only apply the extra botch dice for negative modifiers.

This seems reasonable to me. I know, even with my years of first aid training, that if I were to cut into myself to try to fix something I'd probably do a lot more damage than good.

I would probably rule that no chirurgical instruments for -3 and an extra botch die if you're looking for a penalty. (Plus no is skill being added.)