Dr. Magus?

One of my players wants to play a magus who is also a Doctor in Philosophea (from Art and Academe). It says that this Social Virtue is compatible with Hermetic Magus. He is from House Jerbiton.
I have three main questions about this:
-Could the 10 years required to be trained as a Doctor be taken during apprenticeship as a magus?
-Even as a Hermetic Magus, would he have to work two seasons a year?
-And how important would it be for the Magus to have Gentle Gift?



  1. Theoretically yes, there are enough seasons in a year for an Apprentice to be trained as a Doctor if his parens was willing to forego seasons of service from the apprentice.

  2. Tricky since the character effectively as two social virtues. I'm afraid I have to plead Serf's Parma on the official answer, but common sense would say no. The character will need to work if he wants to accumulate Labor Points, however...

  3. Serf's Parma again, but I think it would be very helpful for the student, but not necessary. This is because the student doesn't necessarily have to interact personally with his instructors.


  1. Very unlikely but not impossible. Since there has been magi going through apprenticeship much faster than the normal 15 years, its obviously not the time that is important, but it would require a VERY helpful or friendly parens.

  2. If he wants to retain the social status yes. That was as far as i could tell the final say regarding Magister in Artibus Virtue when discussed(despite the fact that the Wealthy/Poor virtues affects it as if it was a financial matter, which together with some other oddities makes the whole thing more than a little nuts).

  3. Fairly important i would say. A person can most likely get away with being known as that "creepy old doc", but it probably gives some occasional serious trouble unless interaction is kept to a minimum.