Dramatis Personae (discussion)

((A thread to create additional characters that might be known in the saga. Some will be borrowed from other existing sagas, such as the one below. Finalized characters should be posted to a site on the wiki for reference.))

Methuselah Bonisagus (gauntlets 1190) presently an arrogant SOB under the tutelage of Caecilius. Unfortunately, none of Caecilius's redeeming qualities involving introspection and investigation have rubbed off. It's readily apparent that he believes he will be a preeminent researcher in Longevity Rituals and aging, although he shows no signs of actually desiring to do any research once he passes his gauntlet. Methuselah has a great fear of warping and is extremely cautious, and whenever discussion of research topics comes up, he attempts to change the subject, but only after he says how his Longevity Rituals will be the best. He has an unhealthy obssession with the Persian monarch Xerxes, and a few grogs have become enamored of him for some reason, he calls them his Immortals.

I've added an outline for all of the magi from Guardians of the Forest on the wiki, plus a few more:

  • Caprasia of Criamon, a maga who is closely linked to the Teutoburg Forest, to the point that she seldom travels away from it. She talks to trees, more that she does with humans.
  • Quaesitor Master Albertus of Jerbiton, not popular at all with other members of his House because of his status as a Quaesitor, and the fact that he takes the hard line when assigned to investigate cases involving interference with mundanes.
  • Master Octavius of Bonisagus, the pater of Petronius, who is a healing specialist of some note and a political schemer. Originally from the Rome Tribunal, he looks more like a honey-tongue merchant than a magus.
  • Odelia of Merinita, a young maga from the covenant of Dankmar, who sponsored Laurus Argenti just after being recognized as a full maga in 1179. She will probably be kicked out (or will leave) Dankmar at some point during the saga, because she is not as spiteful and dark as her fellow Dankmarians. Which is not to say that she's any angel either...

I'll add Methusaleh to the wiki when I get a chance.

Sonya ex Criamon Aedituus' parens (and wife, but that is not widely known) (Writing the phrase parens and wife suddenly felt really awkward, so I had to add the parenthetical. :laughing: )
Sonya is a mature maga, specializing in Perdo. She is a tall, imposing woman with dark skin and hair cut very short. She tends to be reclusive, but is relentless in hunting demons and those members of the order who consort with them. She does not talk of her work, however.

Pages have been created on the wikie for both Methusaleh and Sonya.

In Methusaleh's case, I intrapolated some stats based on his much older verison, but during apprenticeship these could change quickly. Feel free to update them to something more reasonable if you want. Or we can leave that to a point when we actually use him.

Same for Sonya, though I did not include any stats for her.

We don't have to have stats for him... It's enough to know that he' think's he's the most important magus in the universe. :smiley:


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