Dramatis Personae

Since the Wiki doesn't let me edit other people's pages, I thought it would be useful to have us collect a complete list of everybody, with a short blurb about who they are, as you might see at the beginning of a playbill.

Viscaria fillia Norbert Gunthar ex Verditus
-- Merinita-obsessed Terram Enchanter/Alchemist, seeking her mother

-- a siren-spider from an infamous cave network, the familiar to Viscaria

Vin Diesel
-- a taciturn shield grog with the Second Sight (Specialist: 6)

-- drunkard silversmith with a body like a dwarf and a face like a mining accident (8 Silversmith)

-- the young, unloved daughter of a silversmith, secretly learning martial skills

Valerian of Guernicus
-- a powerful Quaesitor opposed to Mons Electi due to their knowledge of the Duresca Scrolls

-- benefactor and founder of Mons Electi, a Rego prodigy

-- cat familiar of Appolodorus, deceased

Andru, Primus of Jerbiton
-- an ally of Appolodorus, resides in Valnastium

Carmine of Flambeau
-- wife/muse to Andru, resides in Valnastium

Possibly Unnamed Specialists

Crafts and Expense-Reduction
5 Vintner
Specialist : Beekeeper / Beekeeping 3, Honey&Hydromel craft 3 (6 bps) Note our fine honey mead!!
5 Carpenter(cooper)
5 Weaver
6 Specialist : StableMaster /Animal Handling(Horses)
4 Specialist : Candlemaker 4 (reducing costs of our candle and wax tablets consumption)
6: Glassblower (Specialist) with Craft:Glassblowing 6, allowing for the free lab virtue “superior equipment” without additional upkeep
6: Toolsmith (Specialst) with Craft: Forge tools 6, allowing for the free lab virtue “superior tools” without additional upkeep
6 Scribe
5 Percamanarius

Martial Specialists and Animals
Sergeant Gunnar Stockhausen A grizzled teacher of martial disciplines. 12 points
(4 bps) Four Riding Horses of quality (not oustandish, but worthy mounts for a lord/lady/dignified magus).
36 brigand’s quality mounts, from Astingani

Otto: 13: Teacher (special Specialist) with Com +2, Teaching 6 and Artes Liberales, Latin, French and Philosophiae 5
15 bps of “unspecified specialists”

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