Drifter Question

Hey there Innerwalkers,

Quick question about the Drifter, pointed out to me by the player who picked that Archetype in my nascent FS2 campaign:

In his options for Awesoming Up, he can take Carnival of Carnage III-IV. Thing is: Drifter doesn't start with CoC I or II.

So he asked me "does that mean if I take that advancement I start at III?"

However, to take a Schtick, you need to have its prerequisites, so he needs CoC II. Which means he needs to know CoC I. BUT those aren't in his Awesoming Up choices.

Was that an omission? a mistake? Can he start at III from the get-go?


That looks like another of the many errors in Awesoming Up, although I'm not sure it was detected before. You might also find references to Schticks that don't exist, for example. There are sadly a lot of little issues like this in the archetypes, but they aren't exactly game breaking.

I'd guess it should really be I-IV instead of starting at III. It's also possible that it shouldn't be on the list at all, and is in fact carry over from a different archetype that does have I & II.

I wouldn't give the character free shticks.

Let him pick up any of the CoC schticks, one at a time, in order. It's no big deal, just change III to I.

I just got done posting the 1.3 version of the PDF to DriveThru and our other sites, but this wasn't in my list of things to change, so it'll need to wait until 1.4.


Yeah that's what I figured.

Thanks Cam!