Dungeoneer and health

bought Dungeoneer - Tomb of the Lich recently and have played 3 two player game so far, neither of us are able to win the game by completing quests as one of us always dies first. Is this typical?

Although there are some cards that give back some of your life, it dosn't seem enough. Is there any ideas on this, maybe a rule variant that allows players to exchange glory for life?

The game looks really good and I hope that this isn't a common occurance as it will end up being pushed to the back of the cuboard and never seeing daylight again.

I appreciate your comments and please please help me heal my hero somehow.

Mighty Martin (Newby)

Sometimes novice players make the mistake of having combats go multiple rounds. Combat is only 1 round per turn.

There is a Well of Healing and a few other cards that protect Life or replenish Life points.

I rarely see games end with Hero-death in Tomb of the Lich Lord. Haunted Woods of Malthorin and Den of the Wererats are also quite easy.

Dragons of the Forsaken Desert and Call of the Lich Lord are lethal though!

I'd suggest trying to get a 3rd player sometimes. Having someone else to spread the damage around on usually results in a tacit agreement to not kill a hero until you are close to the end of the game. In a two player game though, you don't have anywhere else to sent your hordes when your opponent is close to death.

Also, you could make a house rule that puts the Well of Healing (or similar) down at the start, a passage or two from the entrance chamber. This makes sure it's available from the start and convenient for when you are returning from a quest, but out of the way enough to prevent frequent use.