Dungeoneer 'Destroy the Evil Head' quest question

This is a threat quest where you must overcome speed threat 9+. In the past these have always said 'adding 1 for each space you are from the nearest entrance'. Since this one does not, I am correct in assuming that you do not do that here? Thanks for your help.


Yes, add +1 for each space.


I thought that the +1 / space was only for "search" quests.

Oops! You're right. I was going off the top of my head and thought he was talking about a search Quest. I should have verified the card before answering.

A Speed Threat of 9+ would require an Epic hero to roll a 5+ (since they all have a base Speed of 4) so there is a 33% chance of success with each roll.

Thanks! I played it that the hero needed a 5 or 6, but just wanted to verify. You're right--I'd confused it with the search quests.