Dungeoneer: Haunted Woods of Malthorin question

I've played Dungeoneer Tomb of Lich king through Vassal and liked it, so I've decided to buy one pack. Haunted woods is the set that appeals to me most thematically, but there's one problem I'm afraid of. Is 10 map cards enough for a play? At the beginning you already put on the table half of it (entrance + 4 passages). That means that whole map is created after 5 turns. Doesn't the game end sooner than in 40 minutes as it's written in description?

One more question. There are 3 new characters. Is it playable with three players then?

Dungeoneer: Haunted Woods of Malthorin is an ideal game for 2 players, it does play faster than the larger sets. We carefully balanced it to have the right mixture of cards.

If you tried to play with 3 players you will probably run out of cards - particularly Quests, and the map would feel too small. Thus if you want more players you can combine it with any other Dungeoneer set.

Happy Dungeoneering!