[Dungeoneer] Hit points after the duel

I need some explanation about the rules of losing hit points after the duel with a monster.

Let's say, my hero (6 hit points, 1 melee, 0 magic) is fighting with Crouching Skeleton (1 hp, 3 melee, 0 magic), Skeleton attacks, so he uses his melee abilities.

We throw a dice:
Skeleton's got five, so his score is 3 [melee] + 5 [dice] = 8
Hero's got six, so his score is 1 [melee] + 6 [dice] = 7

So, skeleton wins, as far everything is clear.

No we come to count the wounds, and here is a problem.

One person I'm arguing with, says, that because Skeleton won the dice rolling, the special effect is active, and my hero achieves one wound. So, after the duel, hero's got 5 hit points.

My way of thinking is a bit different: I say, when I lose duel (after dice rolling) I receive a wound (a basic wound). At this moment hero's got 5 hit points. Then, because he received a wound in melee duel, the special effect on melee is activated; it says "infliets one wound", so hero receives another wound. After the duel he's got 4 hit points.

Which way of thinking is the right one?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The special effect takes place at the end of the duel. So in this case the hero would only take one wound all together. If the effect said two wounds then you would take two wounds.
its under the rules under combat: "the character with highest total hits and inflicts 1 wound on his opponent, unless the hit on the encounter card effect states otherwise." Meaning that if the effect says 2 wounds then it two wounds.

This is one of those things that they didn't explain very well in the original rules.

If i had had the rules in english, I wouldn't have had any problems with this. The word 'unless' explains everything to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

oh, i see. well, go to the main atlas games site and pick up the newest englishs rules on pdf, that should help you out greatly.