dungeoneer leveling and points

hello i would like to know how leveling is done...i do not have the game yet!

Also,when you spend points(peril or glory)do you erase the points off the tracker?

Leveling: Every character starts out at the beginning of the game with two Personal quest (and there is one global quest anyone can try to do), each time you complete a quest you gain a level (unless it states otherwise). Each quest has a location that you need to be in to be able to complete the quest and each one will have a task that must be done to completely them. The type of task varies.
Glory and Peril are gained as you travel through the dungeon. Peril is spent against you by the other players when they get their Dungeonlord phase. You get to spend Glory when your hero phase come about and this does not cost you any actions to do. The game comes with Peril and Glory trackers which you can use glass bead/gems or pennies to keep track of both of them as they rise and fall throughout the game. So you will not need to write anything down as you play.

thank you skull...

I still don't see in the rules where it says after each quest you gain a level...i would like to find that so i can prove it to people if asked.The peril and glory points...i thought it worked that way,but i wasn't sure.It makes sense to me when it's "spent" it means used,gone sianara...etc.

Anyways,i thank you for the level info,and the peril.

Well, if you cannot find it in the rules it will be on the quest card. Each quest card has a set of rewards for completing them marked on the card face. However, some of the cards will give something else other than Levels.. these tend to be artifact quest cards.

The quest card says if completing it awards a level or not. Almost all of them do.