[Dungeoneer] Mixing original version with newer expansions

I bought Dungeoneer TotLL a few years ago and I guess it's an older version than 2.0 because it only has 4 heroes (no necros) and the card backs aren't in color.

Since game funds are limited I'm trying to decide what expansion(s) to buy. Has anyone tried combining this older set with the newer ones, or should I just forget it and chuck the old one and start fresh?

The mismatched card backs don't really bug me, but if other things have changed that are likely to cause a lot of confusion, I may have to bite the bullet.

Also, would it be easier to combine it with a wilderness set, since you don't mix the cards anyway when you play both?

I can afford two expansions (a large and a small one). Suggestions?

Wilderness cards are mixed with Dungeon cards. Only the MAPS are separated.

So you will end up with a section of maps that is all wilderness and another section that is all dungeon, "connected" by the portal from the wilderness to the dungeon entrance. (not physically connected, a marker token is used to represent the connection)

You could combine them if you used card sleeves, I suppose, but it would be better to get the new edition of Tomb.