[Dungeoneer] Quest Questions

The Quest Infernal Negotiation says: "Announce that Demons have +1 to attack you while this Quest is in play."
Sacrificial Offering says:" You have +1 to attempts to control the Throne of Tyranny while you have this Quest."
Bury the Treasure says: "Annouce that Humanoids have +1 to all (melee) attacks on your hero while this Quest is in play."

What does "while this Quest is in play" mean? Does it mean that the effect takes place if you have it as an uncompleted Quest, when you have completed the Quest or both?

This game sure gets more fun the more sets you have.

A Quest is "in play" the moment it becomes a Global or a Personal Quest. Personal Quests affect only the player it belongs to while Global Quests affect everyone.

When a Quest is completed it is no longer "in play" (as a Quest, sometimes it transforms into an Artifact that is "in play" in the case of Artifact Quests)