[Dungeoneer Question] Combining Wilderness/Dungeon sets

I haven't played Dungeoneer in quite some time, and I recently decided to start playing again. I have Tomb, Vault, Den and Haunted woods, so I'm curious about combining sets.

I thought I remembered reading a rule a while back regarding combining wilderness and dungeon sets but I can no longer find it. . Do you draw one personal quest from each set, as well as one global quest from each, OR do you just mix all the quest cards together and draw 2/player as per normal?

This wouldn't really make a difference when combining two dungeon sets or two wilderness sets, but when mixing above/below ground sets, it could complicate things immensely if one person drew only dungeon quests, and the other drew wilderness quests.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

When combining sets, cards like Quests are generally mixed together and dealt out as normal. However the maps are built seperate.

Optional rules can smooth out play with combined sets, to quote the 2.2 rules:

Also, I very much liked this optional rule, which appeared in the 2.1 rules, that regulated Quests in combined sets:

Hope this helps.

I own the Den of Wererats and the Tomb of the Lich Lord sets. It seems that neither set has a card with a portal in it :frowning:

Any suggestions which cards should have this symbol in each set? I could not find any errata yet.

Otherwise, I would suggest the optional rule that a search of 7+ can be performed on each map-card, with success indicating a portal has been found, linking the card the search was done on to the last revealed card on the respective other map.

I have not tested that option and don't know if it unbalances the game, although I don't think so.

Look in Dungeoneer FAQ: atlas-games.com/dungeoneer/dgrfaq.php
There it says that the portal is in Warerat Lair. You can download and print a new card, or just thi icon to place in your card, or just remember where the portal is: atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/DEN_cards42a.jpg