Dungeoneer Questions... (Epic/Monster Speed)

So far I have Dragons of the Forsaken Desert, Tomb of the Lich Lord, and Call of the Lich lord...

I'm looking at combining 2 or 3 of these sets (adding the wilderness seems like it may be a hassle), but when I look at the Epic characters, I realize that only 4 of them represent characters I have non-epic versions of... Therefore if we combined games to play epic, we could ONLY use those characters.

In what set (if any) are the other 2 Epic characters from?

Are there/will there be Epic versions of the other characters?

When will a legendary set come out?

Are there any rules for more than 4 players?

Are there any issues with combining a 2 player set and a 4 player set for a 3-4 player game? (IE are they worth buying if usually its 3-4 people playing)

Why do monsters have speed values? I haven't seen a speed attack yet, and monsters don't seem to have to deal with any threats.

An option my friend considered, is that after you summon a monster, it doesn't have to attack immediately but could use its speed to move to another room, and there attack another player, though if it didn't have enough movement, it wouldn't be allowed to linger, except if we used the wandering pack rule.

Similarly, how fast does a Wandering Pack move? Average of the monsters? Greatest speed, slowest speed?

Normally, you summon all the monsters/encounters you are going to at once. But it wasn't immediately clear how the attacks are resolved.

Does each combat occur at the same time? or are they consecutive? Does peril/glory build up between each combat?

This came up while playing the dragon set (Dust Storm ability) of the dust storm dragon...

Which isn't limited to one use, should it be?
Nor does it say when you can use the ability;
Only on its combat? or any time after its been summoned?

I think thats it for now, I didn't see answers for these in the FAQ, nor could I find a definitive answer in the rules, sorry if it was in either.


You can put the epic level character to any previous character, it doesn't have to be the same one.
Like this:

Or this:

That's why the abbilities have "+1" instead of a number.

I suppose, but each one had a specific name and class, so it seemed logical they were epic forms of that hero... Thanks though, that helps with one 'problem'.

A specific name... which is covered up when combined with another hero card. ermordung has it exactly right.

Lets see if I can help with your other questions:

Combining sets
Actually combining wilderness is the easiest, epic is a little bit more effort (especially the "win" condition and dealing out Quests)

Extra Epic heroes
Shara Quickblade is from Vault of the Fiends atlas-games.com/product_tables/AG1242.php
Davro Arcweaver is unique to Call of the Lich Lord

I don't know if there will be any more Epic heroes, it depends on customer demand.

A Legendary set has not been announced, though I have designs made up for one so it is possible someday.

Rules for more than 4 players? Not that I know of.

The 2-player sets are IDEAL for combining with 4 player sets!!!

Monsters have speed values primarily for use with the wandering pack rules. However we've had a number of interesting card effects that take advantage of speed, but haven't published any of those cards. Yet.

A Wandering Pack moves at the highest speed in the pack.

Attack resolution: the 2.2 rules should be very clear how these attacks are resolved. Combat occurs at the same time (the reason for a Resolution phase!). All Rewards are calculated as the last step of combat. So no, it does not pile up between attacks by 1 side.

Dust Storm Dragon does not indicate a usage limit. However, it is only "in a space" when attacking (unless using the Wandering Pack optional rules).

I believe several of these are addressed in the FAQ:

Hope this helps,

Correction, for the "Minion" rules to work monsters must have a Speed score, because your minion could take a Speed threat for you. (Minion rules appear in the Epic set: Call of the Lich Lord). So we have published cards that require monster's Speed score.

So if a second epic set hasn't been planned yet (as though it's anything other than a matter of time...), is there any chance that Davro L1-3 will appear in an upcoming heroic-level set?

I don't foresee a Heroic level Davro anytime soon.