[Dungeoneer] Readied cards and Glory Points

Just learning the game and ran into a little stumbling block over Readied adventure cards and the Glory Points needed to fund/use them.

I understand in order to get a Treasure/Boon into my inventory, I must pay the Glory Cost to do so, which in turn Readies the card.

My question:

Now that the card is readied, do I have to pay it's Glory Cost each time I want to use it? Much like I must pay the Peril Cost each time I want to attack with a monster? The term Readied, to me, seems to suggest that the card is now ready for use whenever you like, so you would not have to pay the cost again.

The reason the question came up is becasue under the Special Actions section (which can be used off-turn) it states that I may use the effect of a card in my inventory if I have the resources to fund it. To me, that suggests that I have to pay the Glory Cost each time I want to use the card.

Just seems like calling a card Readied is pointless if you have to pay the cost each time (though I'm probably just missing something and will do a head slap once it's explained).

This brings up another question. Under the assumpion that Ido have to pay the Glory Cost each time I want to use the Boon, then I probably wouldn't want to pay the cost to put the card in my inventory until I want to use it for the first time (unless of course it's a card that will only help me if a monster is attack or something similar), correct?

Much appreciation for any answers you guys can provide.


this is my question too.

Can nobody help?! :cry:

No you do not pay the Glory cost of the card again.

BUT, some cards state that to use certain abilities on them does cost Glory, or a Move point, or even give you Peril. Which is why that little bit about resources to fund the card is in the rules.