[Dungeoneer] Rulings about resources use and card effect

I know it's not the newest game, but maybe I will be able to get some answers.
Just finished a game of Dungeoneer (mix of Mathorin Revenge and Dragons of Forgotten Wilderness) and we had a bit of discussion at the table at two situations. It might be as I have an old polish print from ~10 years ago or there might be typos on cards that are mis-translation or misunderstanding of rules.

Scenario 1:
Player A attempts to slay the monster to complete quest. Monster has 2 melee strength, Player A has 5 melee strength. Player B has a card that costs 3 peril that has "Always - Instant - Curse" and has text saying "All Heroes other than yours, has -2 melee strength this turn".
For me, Player B should not be able to use this card, as it costs peril, which he should only be able to use only during his Dungeon Lord phase and not during other Player's Hero Phase even if card can be played "Always" as according to instruction Peril resourced is used in your Dungeon Lord phase.

Scenario 2:
Player C has a card called "Dragon's Fear" that costs 4 Peril, is "Dungeon Lord phase - Permanent - Enhancement". The text says "All of your other monsters has +1 magic power. Pay X Peril to add additional X magical power to a monster in combat. Can be used once a turn".
The problem here was "Permanent" part of this as I believe that it's an creature enhancement that sticks only to this creature as long it lives and even when returns to horde, it stays with it. For Player C it was akin to how Boons work and believe it should just be here as long other card does not remove it from game. It created a sick combo with one of Dragons which was at least 5 + X which often go into impossible to beat numbers.

Thanks in advance for answers.

Scenario 1: "Always" if it is a translation of "Anytime" from the English version, means it can be played any time, even if it is not a player's Dungeonlord phase.

Scenario 2: "Permanent" means it stays in play and in effect unless something removes it. Each time the player wants to activate the "Pay X Peril to add additional magical power to a monster in combat" the Peril has to be played and it only affects 1 monster in 1 combat.

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Thanks for reply!

About Scenario 2 - If the Player has that permanent in play from Turn 1, casts monster in Turn 2 and boosts it with that permanent card, does permanent card is removed from game with the monster if it's killed?

Permanent card stays in play.

Note, there is a type of card called "Attachment" which is discarded when the monster it is attached to is discarded.

Ok, thanks. That clears the picture for me.

I might need to make a house rule then, as this card breaks the game balance, at least with two sets mixed, as it can easily create cheap two turn combo that can leave no spot for even attempt of fight for Heroes.