[Dungeoneer] Single Player Rules

Hi, guys, this is my first contribution at Atlas Games and in fact my first post. I like Dungeoneer a lot and I play it with my girlfriend but of course with a great gap of time for I do not want her to be bored easily and she tends to with "hack and slash" games (she is more a strategy fan).

Well, as it is said in my country: "Vamos por los postres"

I will post only the changes I introduced to the game so just use the normal rules but overlap those I write here :smiley:


Remove the Dungeonlord-Instant cards from the game. Take only the Monsters & Trap cards for the Dungeonlord step and the Hero Cards. This ones are the only ones that will be used. Separate them in 2 piles (Dungeonlord cards in one and Hero cards in the other)

Assign Quest: Deal 1 Quest card face up. There are no Global Quests.

Draw Adventure Cards: The player draws 2 Adventure cards into his hand.


  1. Dungeonlord Phase: Instead of your opponents playing cards at you or you to them, you will take 2 cards from the Dungeonlord pile, one by one. They will activate as soon as the peril cost is paid. You will roll both your attacks and your defense so do not cheat !! Once the first attack or trap is solved you will take the second card only if there is peril to pay them. If this second card cannot be paid it will return to the Dungeonlord pile and you will mix the pile adding 1 peril for this action to your peril counter. You can challenge only 1 monster at the cost of 1 movement. When the monster is killed or simply not challenged discard them in the discard pile of the Dungeonlord pile as usual.

That is all !!! You can play to solve 3 quests with this ammendments. If you decide to play more add 1 counter to your heroe, this will be a revival amulet. If your heroe dies you can use it to bring him back from the dead but the amulet is destroyed. I made this rule for the game is pretty difficult when you play for a while since at times you will have enough peril to be attacked by 2 of the big monsters, not to count the obstacles and exists you have to beat.

Well, hope you enjoy this, I certainly did. If you have comments please leave them and I will deal with the possibility of expanding this rules, since I only played with the "Tomb of the Lich Lord" main game.

  1. You don't need to discard any card in the discard phase but remember you can have 2 maximum

  2. If you use the amulet of resurrection rule, your glory is reseted to 1 for this action.