Dungeoneer - Slay Slitherus Quest

Hi all,

I recently purchased Dragons of the Forsaken Desert and am getting a bit confused with the combat of a few of the quests. For example, the Slay Slitherus quest requires you to defeat Slitherus while on Forlorn Oasis. The Melee symbol is in a diamond shape and the Magic symbol is in a circle It also has a hit symbol with magic in it that says inflicts 1 wound. So my question is, for this quest what do I use to attack it and how does it defend itself. And also, if it gets a higher number than me then do I lose a life or not.

Combat for quest monsters is the same as for normal monsters, I believe. Look in the rules for the combat insert, and follow those. Have fun!

Combat is always the same:

Monster attacks (in this case with Magic). After that's resolved your hero can attack back (either Melee or Magic, your choice, at the cost of a move).

Happy Dungeoneering!