[Dungeoneer] Special Movement rules questions..

Ok in my discard/draw phase I save a movement point.

in any other players turn at anytime before my next turn I can use the movement to:

  1. Attack a monster that was played on my hero during another players dungeonlord phase if it attacked me first (and resolved combat) and did not die. (or can I do this only for monsters that stay in a room such as quest monsters?)

  2. attack a player that moves into my space during his move phase and either take his escort or give him a wound if i win. But if he wants to challenge me first does he get priority to? (I would assume so because of the priority order)

  3. play any card or ability that requires a move action to play (such as heal) on any turn that is not mine even though they do not say anytime?


the only one that you can do is the 1st one. During another players dungeonlord phase you can counter attack a monster that has attacked you first and not died by spending a movement.


Actually you can also attack a player also that has attacked you first with a saved movement also during his hero phase.

2.3 rules:

A hero who was attacked may now initiate a single attack on one of the cards that just attacked him or another hero in the same space at the cost of 1 Movement point, but only if his player saved a Movement point from the previous turn.

right... :smiley: