[Dungeoneer] Versus Mode - what do you think?

I figured out, that it would be awesome, if two players each had their own deck with monsters, boons and equipment.
Each of the players then draws from his or her deck, except for the Quest- and Location-Deck of a Set, which is used by both.

Let's say both have a minimum deck of 40 cards, where they can put max. 3 copies of a single card into it. This would
be interesting for those who come from the TCG scene, but it would also make specific tactics in combat work better
for each player, since he or she can decide what monsters, boons etc. they want to include. For instance, I could use
a wererat-heavy deck including multiple wererats and cards, which boost them and my opponent could have a deck,
where he focuses mainly on teleport - and shifting cards, because he or she enjoys to manipulate the movement of
heroes more than focusing mainly on combat with monster cards.

Versus Mode, rules per deck:
• min. 40 cards
• max. 3 copies of same card
• max. 1 boss encounter

The deck-cards can be picked and mixed from any set.
However, the locations and quest-cards you use for every match should be from the same set. (Otherwise, it doesn't make sense)

Also, I would suggest that it is allowed to specifically choose the hero, because it gives you another chance to emphasize
your favourite strategy or tactics. Because the handling of locations and quests doesn't change, the gameplay should be the
same. The only minor change is, that you have two seperate decks and discard piles now, instead of one, and some minimal
prerequisites for each of those decks. Hope you like it and I would love to hear your feedback on it!

Cheers from Berlin,

Sounds like a great idea, quite similar to the customized Dungeoneer rules in the Optional Rules http://www.atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/DungeoneerOptRules.pdf available on the Atlas Games site.Games site.

The trick is playtesting it to work all the bugs out! :slight_smile: