[Dungeoneer] Winter Spell

Okay. I need official help on this. The Winter Spell says "If a card normally has a [Fist] or [Magic] bonus when on [Ice], each [Ice] token there provides an additional +1 to that bonus." The hero it's played on is on a space with 2 [Ice] tokens on it (But, the location is a Plains, not an [Ice]. An Ice Demon is played on the hero and it says "Add opponent's level to this card's [Magic] on [Ice]." If the Hero is level 1, is the bonus to the monster +3 or +2? Is it +1 for the level and then +2 for the 2 [Ice] tokens or +1 for the level (for the first [Ice] token) and +1 for the second [Ice] token. Hope that makes sense.

The winter spell makes the space Arctic. Each winter spell arctic token adds +1.

So in this case the Ice Demon normally gets +1 on arctic - so it will get that bonus, and it will get an additional +1 for each arctic token.